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The systems status site tracks all upcoming, current, and past maintenance and events.
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Native IPv6 addresses are freely available via the Control Panel interface.

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How Fast Are You?

With two 1Gbps uplinks, over separate providers, using a direct ARIN IP address space allocation?..pretty fast.
But don't take our word for it, test us:

Who is TOCICI?

TOCICI runs BuildYourVPS. We've been in the IT support & hosting business since the 90's.

What's The Uptime Policy?

We guarantee network, power, compute and storage services will be available, for 99.9% of a given month (or better), with reasonable exceptions. Full Details

How Long Does Setup Take?

Environment provisioning is 100% automated; after confirmed receipt of payment, typical setup time is less than 5 minutes.

What's the Control Panel?

Our Control Panel was built in-house, in order to meet specific security, scalability, and usability requirements; complete automation is just a few clicks away.

An extensive JSON API is also available for you as well.

System Status Tracking?

Complete systems status and maintenance history is available via

Can I Upgrade My VPS?

Yes, anytime. Upgrades typically do NOT require any interruption to services. There are no upgrade fees or penalties. Full Details

Are VPS Plans Managed?

All BuildYourVPS plans come with complete root access, for you to manage how you want; all plans are self-managed.

We will occasionally assist with minor issues, or point you in a direction if we have free time. We invite you to visit the support site and review available resources there.

ProFOSS Managed VPS Plans can be found at

Build Your VPS is a service of TOCICI LLC, hosted from Portland Oregon, USA. For more details, please visit TOCICI:

For support with a Build Your VPS environment, please see the knowledgebase or contact engineers via email.